Sunday, October 16, 2011


Okay, okay, so editing 'Subversive Elements' has officially become an albatross around my neck. What initially started out as a quick one-two-three has metamorphosed into an endlessly punishing effort. Following the horrible review of the first book, I decided to spell things out a little more clearly, which wound up forcing me to revision a few of the characters, which caused me to add more depth to others, which suggested changes to a major plot point, which gave me an idea how to work on the truly awful opening of Foreign Devil ... you see? you SEE? I was supposed to have Subversive Elements up months ago so I could work on getting a short story up to HADES EDGE for an anthology coming out next year, but I won't be able to.


I can only write one thing at a time, that's why! And since my 'voice' has changed considerably over the years, can you imagine how difficult it is to keep my new 'voice' out of the stuff I'm editing? It's damn near impossible! I keep wanting to veer off into James Mallory Murphy's first person point of view when I'm writing (mostly) third person omniscient. GAH!

Anyways. Yeah. Making my old stuff good is harder than writing good stuff right off the bat, just so you know.

thanks for listening!

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