Monday, July 11, 2011

Backside for Subversive Element

Whoops, It's Been A Real Long Time

Well, gang, sorry about the wait ... between real life work and everything else that I've going, this blog sort of fell by the wayside. As I understand it, that's not the best of things to have happen, but it did, so here we are.

News: Foreign Devil had some decent sales the last few months (and by decent, I mean more than none), and once I realized I wasn't going to transform into the ebook version of Stephen King overnight, I calmed down.

Foreign Devil has also hit more shelves! The following links take you to three of the main (new)sites that are now hosting Foreign Devil (The Latelian Cycle Volume I)! Anyone of those should satisfy your ebook needs



Subversive Element (The Latelian Cycle Volume II) has just finished it's first major edit. What does that mean? It means that anywhere from two weeks to a month, the sequel to Foreign Devil will hit the shelves (digitally, anyway). I'm slowly but surely working on that, plus covers:

I know, I know ... I seem to favor either 1950's pulp style artwork or whatever you want to call the second one. And lens flares. I really can't help myself there. At least I'm not beveling and embossing everything in sight. Since most of my time is no longer taken up by writing, it's a safe bet that I'll be noodling around with more covers until I find one that screams in my ear. For giggles I may add a back cover.

Anyways, that's it for now, boys and girls.